This is a ministry for all. Jesus said in Matthew 21: 13 “it’s written; my house shall be called a house of prayer…” This is a ministry burden with the heart and desires and passion of God. Intercession is very vital in population the kingdom of God and depopulating the kingdom of the devil. This ministry brings the kingdom of God to earth, represent Jesus and enforce Calvary victory. Those who have a holy burden and holy calling to intercede and stand in gap are enjoined to come be a “battle axe” for The King of Glory.

We MEET: Every Friday from 7pm-(As the Holy Spirit leads), Mondays 10am-12pm, and Wednesdays 11am- 12.30pm. We can also declare any day for prayer as the Holy Spirit leads.

Vision Statemant

The vision of intercessory prayer ministry team is to assist in the tearing down of strongholds, removing burdens and destroying yokes, setting the captives free from bondage, bringing the kingdom of God to earth, enforcing Calvary victory  and most importantly bring souls to God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are being obedient primary to the Lord, through His Holy Spirit and intercede in prayer with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Mission Statement

Prayer is a medium of divine and Prophetic revelation. Through prayer, we believe the church fulfills her calling and enforce Calvary victory. Knowing that God hears and answers prayer, we will be obedient to God and pray. We believe that when we pray we activate the faith of God in us to do His will on earth. This ministry uses effective and victorious prayer to apprehend and appropriate the promises, heart, will and mind of God for our church, our community, all saints, all men, our friends, our children, our fellow countrymen, the sick, the homeless, the down trodden and the nations of the world.

Goals and Objectives

  • Praying God’s will for our church, family, community, country and nations.
  • Effective and effectual praying [ 1 kings 18: 42b-45; James 5: 13-18]
  • Victorious praying [2 kings 6: 8-17)
  • We will pray – asking, seeking and knocking until something happens.
  • Fasting will be part of our prayers.
  • Praise and worship will always precede our praying.
  • Our prayers and meetings will be spiritually proactive and perceptive [1 Samuel 3:1-10] to make godly changes and manifestations.
  • This ministry will be needs based and spiritually sensitive to other ministries in the church.
  • We will encourage the gifts and spirit of prophesy, faith, healings, discernment, and other gifts of the Spirit in our prayers and meetings as the Holy Spirit leads.
  •  To experience an open heavens in our church and families( Isaiah 64: 1-3a; Rev. 4: 1-2; Ezekiel 1: 1; Deut. 28: 12; Matt. 3: 16-17)

Keys that will open the doors and windows of Heaven

  • Pray For Holy Hunger. We will hunger for God’s presence(Rev. 7:16-17a; Luke 6:21a)
  • Soak and Wait. We will practice the presence of God. We will marinate ourselves in the presence of God. Our prayers will be meditative, contemplative and waiting until something happens.
  • Repentance and Obedience. Repentance open heavens and obedience keeps it open (Deut. 28: 1)
  • Prayer and Fasting. Both are important heaven openers. (2 Chron. 7: 13-14; Joel 1: 13-14;7-12;2:23-24)
  • Tithes and Offerings. (Malachi 3: 8-10; Matt. 23. 23-24; Acts 10: 3-4)
  • Word Meditation (Joshua 1:8)
  • Servant Evangelism. Love acts- and never fails. ( Gal. 5: 6,13)

Our Committment & Responsibility

Our commitment to pray and seek the face of God in the lives of our children, family, church, nations and all is part of our abiding relationship with our God. We are aware of our spiritual responsibilities that men always ought to pray and not faint and to pray without ceasing. Our commitment and responsibility is to live and maintain a holy life that will be pleasing to God. We recognized that maintaining our commitment and responsibility to God’s will and our church and our community will cause us to be used as a vessel for His grace and glory. We recognized the importance of fasting together with prayer and we will employ the tools of fasting and praying in order to accomplish God’s will and purposes in our lives [ Matthew 17: 14- 21]

Our commitment to this ministry will be the “Elisha commitment” [2 kings 2: 2, 4 & 6]. We will liaise and be abreast with other ministries in our church, in order to be current, effective and know the prayer needs of others ministries. We will have a prayer network and prayer needs pool where all prayer requests from members will be collected and interceded on.

We will maintain monthly prayer vigil and revival where we will humble ourselves, pray and seek the face of God and ask all to turn from wicked ways[ 2 chronicles 7: 14] so that our God will revive, restore, favor and heal our church, families and community.