Ministry Goals:

  1. To win souls for the kingdom. To help those who have accepted the good news of Jesus matures in the knowledge of God.
  2. To make the public see us as a follower of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ.
  3. To manifest the love of Christ that’s shared in our heart through giving and caring for the need of the lost.
  4. To reach the lost in the community through other community accessible program.
  5. To set a care program with a view to reach the unsaved and unchurch.


  1. Emphasize the absolute necessity for evangelism in the church.
  2. Recruit people in the church with the passion to evangelize.
  3. Train members, distribute evangelism tools/materials that will aid and assist members in evangelism.
  4. Emphasize to members the need to make Jesus the focus of their lives and during evangelism.
  5. Coordinate the ministry through personal and approachable ways to reach the lost.
  6. Encourage members to participate weekly in fellowship, prayer and evangelize.
  7. Encourage members to involve in ministries in the church that will enhance their evangelistic skills.
  8. Give Pastor a monthly update of ministry activities.
  9. Report quarterly evangelism ministry to the church.


  1. Members should be at least saved for one year.
  2. Members must be filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues
  3. Members of Powerlight Kingdom Centre.
  4. Members must be willing to make themselves available to evangelize, involve in other ministries in the church that will make them ministry-oriented and Jesus consciousness.
  5. Members must be willing to sacrifice time for the ministry.
  6. Members should desire and love to pray and make intercession.

Desired Skills and Giftings:

  1. Passion for lost souls. Love for people. Love for the word of God. Love for the church.
  2. Desire and seek all the gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit.
  3. The need to be an encourager and love for the ministry of intercession.
  4. The love for intercessory prayer.

Desired Character Qualities:

  1. Be a worshipper.
  2. Must be honest and a person of integrity.
  3. Willing to submit to church leadership.

Time Commitment:

  1. Every members including ministry coordinator must attend ministry training and schedule.
  2. Ministry coordinator must report to Pastor every month and make ministry evaluation at the end of the year and must serve at the Pastor pleasure.
  3. Members must make time to pray for the ministry and attend other related ministries in the church.